Photo Lighting Workshop: Portraits! Zero to Three Lights
August 3, 2019 - Saturday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Understanding professional lighting will step your portrait game up to stand out above the rest. This one day work workshop will leave you ready go with a tool belt of proven techniques!

Back to the Lab presents award-winning photographer Catalina Kulczar's workshop: Portraits! Zero to Three Lights

The objective of this workshop is to demonstrate how to create portraits in a controlled (studio or location) environment using natural light, one light, two lights and three lights. Part lecture and part student participation, this workshop will empower you to capture your own portraits with confidence and control over your lighting setups.

Catalina will also touch on workflow - from image capture to editing, post production and final image delivery.

Morning Session 9 AM - 12 PM:

We will begin with a light breakfast-mingle and a presentation of Catalina's work. The rest of the session will then be spent on in-depth lighting demonstrations. Examples of natural light will be explained including the use of reflectors, diffusers and bounce. Artificial lighting will be demonstrated using one, two and three light setups.

Lunch 12 PM - 1 PM:

Will be provided

Afternoon Session 1 PM - 5 PM:

Catalina and students will work together to make portraits with different lighting setups. Students will turn in their final selects to Catalina, followed by a projection and discussion of successful portraits.

The workshop will finish with a Q and A.


Cost: $250
Tickets/RSVP: Eventbrite

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