Outreach Programs

An element of Back to the Lab's mission is to develop an interest in photography in underserved communities, particularly with young people. We're living in an era where taking a photo with a cellphone is almost an instinct in kids, which is great. But we want to expand on that, and help open a new realm of possibilities in how a generation can share their story through photography.

As part of our free photography workshops (and issues-based programming), we explore how to use photography as a means of expression and a tool for documenting a personal and community story. We cover both the technical aspects of photography, and delve into the concepts of storytelling and photography language. 

We’re always excited to have guest photographers join us at our classes; in upcoming workshops, they will share niche knowledge and experience, lead practical field trips, and encourage our students to prepare their own personal issues-based documentary photo project to be presented at the workshop finale.

Back to the Lab welcomes you to be part of something bigger: Let's build the future of photography together through our free programming for youth in underserved communities in Brooklyn (Sunset Park), Queens (Long Island City), and the indigenous communities of the Sierra Mixe, Oaxaca, Mexico (Tamazulapam).

You can make a donation here, or contact us for in-kind giving!

Community Projects

Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NYC

Back to the Lab led a two-week basic photography workshop for community kids, ages 11 to 15. They learned the manual settings on DSLRs, practiced portraiture, learned about storytelling, and ventured out to photograph the spaces, businesses, and people of Sunset Park. read more

Sierra Mixe, Oaxaca, Mexico

Back to the Lab teamed up with native photographer, Conrado Perez of Jamyatstaajk gallery, to create a six session basic photography course for 8 students as the first in an ongoing series of photo workshops for the community. The goal of this photography workshop series is to empower Mixe (meehay) youth with photographic skills to be able to document and preserve their own experiences and history.  read more